What we do

At Portune Design we focus on what we do best. Our unique mix of specialties can help many organizations with common communications and training needs. We have provided professional services to small and large businesses, public agencies, and non-profit and for-profit organizations in the following areas:


Court Data Consulting Services

Were you left stranded with a juvenile court data system that your case workers, attorneys, judges, PDs and other support personnel don't know how to use? Or are you thinking about developing and/or implementing a new system and don't know where to begin?

Either way, Portune Design can help. We understand the unique data requirements for Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency court systems.

From needs analysis and implementation consulting, to development of user documentation and training, to on-site instructor delivered training - we've been there. In fact, we helped write the book on it - literally.

Working with the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges, our consultants developed the instructional manual Model Court Approaches to Information Technology - A Dependency Court Data System Implementation Guide.

We have also provided training and consulting for both Dependency and Delinquency court systems.

If you need analysis, guidance or training - think Portune Design.



Our principal consultant, Lisa Portune, has over twenty years experience in the social service arena including ten years of investigative and supervisory work within the Department of Human Services, five years as the Supervisor of Dependency, Neglect and Abuse at the Hamilton County Juvenile Court, and three years as a national independent consultant to courts, court data system vendors and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Ms. Portune has directed the creation of a multifaceted user-friendly Dependency tracking system and worked with system vendors through the many common stages of creating a tracking system focusing on system functions and standards, committee identification, needs assessment, creating an RFP, project tracking and identifying training needs.

In 1999, Ms. Portune became a private court technology and usability consultant. In this role she has advised court software vendors on design and usability issues, produced training manuals on court software systems, conducted live training on both adult and juvenile court tracking systems and currently serves as faculty for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

Internet Services

At Portune Design, we specialize in creating a unique website design to suit your needs, your organization, and your budget.

All our work is based upon your own specific needs - because each site has unique requirements. And it is to your benefit to only get (and pay for) those items you truly need. We can provide you with a full range of HTML, JAVA, Javascript, CGI/PERL, GIF animation, graphics, and multimedia services, as your site requires. But we don't add costly items if you don't require them. We work with you to help you understand the Web and how it can be used by your business or organization.

We have helped the following types of organizations with their website needs:

  • National non-profit organizations
  • Local/State non-profit organizations
  • Public agencies
  • Medium businesses ($1M-$10M annual revenue)
  • Small businesses (< $1M annual revenue)
  • Candidates for elected office

We can provide you with a simple web site, using pages that are easy for you to update later, and teach you how to maintain them. Or we can custom design your site and handle all aspects of its creation through its ongoing maintenance. The choices are endless.