the nation magazine / one household   1:00 
general market national dtc

“triumphant, positive echoes of classic american themes” 
mcdonald’s / heroes   1:00 
regional hispanic psa

“driving, up-tempo latin beat with a blistering trumpet lead” 
volkswagen of america / cruisin’   :57 (excerpt) 
corporate video display

“smooth, building groove with hip-hop and r&b flavors” 
cotonelle / royal big family   :30 
telly award-winning national hispanic spot

“whimsical, old world chamber piece for a comical king and his court” 
pepsi and mlb / a winning partnership   1:47 (excerpt) 
corporate sales film

“heartland rock, with shades of john mellencamp and the black crowes” 
baghdad   3:11 
political web video

“snarling, heavy metal assault in 7/8, with sound bites and efx” 
ny telephone and atvas / emmy suite   4:55 
corporate mini-documentary

“shape-shifting, mood-changing medley in styles from a to z” 

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all music composed, arranged, and performed by bob portune

selections © 1993-2013 bp music