September 19, 2006

And one more thing...

Since I've already established that my revulsion over the Bush Administration's immoral, indefensible lust for torture leaves me so rattled, so ashamed of our "leaders," so furious that I simply can't find the right words, I direct you to the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson, who this morning puts my raging thoughts into more coherent form. Excerpt:
It's past time to stop mincing words. The Decider, or maybe we should now call him the Inquisitor, sticks to anodyne euphemisms. He speaks of "alternative" questioning techniques, and his umbrella term for the whole shop of horrors is "the program." Of course, he won't fully detail the methods that were used in the secret CIA prisons - and who knows where else? - but various sources have said they have included not just the infamous "waterboarding," which the administration apparently will reluctantly forswear, but also sleep deprivation, exposure to cold, bombardment with ear-splitting noise and other assaults that cause not just mental duress but physical agony. That is torture, and to call it anything else is a lie.

It is not possible for our elected representatives to hold any sort of honorable "debate" over torture. Bush says he is waging a "struggle for civilization," but civilized nations do not debate slavery or genocide, and they don't debate torture, either. This spectacle insults and dishonors every American.
Absolutely goddamn right.

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At this point, I can't even remember the number of times I've sat down to write during the past five days about my shame and horror at George Bush's advocacy of torture, kangaroo courts, and continued spying on American citizens, all wrapped up in an exaggerated PR campaign titled something like "the titanic struggle to save civilization as we know it."

Which, translated, means "all fear, all the time."

But on each occasion, I just haven't been able to do it. I'm stymied at every turn by my absolute incredulity that we've reached a point in our history wherein the President of the United States is lobbying for the very practices and despotic barbarities I've always associated with Stalin's Soviet Union or Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Good God, America. How can anyone who dares to call himself "American" support the twisted vision of this madman piloting our ship of state?

I simply can't put into words the outright absurdity that these things would merit any "debate" whatsoever in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Torture? Indefinite detention? Withholding of evidence from criminal defendants? Secret overseas prisons? Redefining the Geneva Conventions to excuse U.S. war crimes retroactively? At least 34 prisoners killed as a result of their mistreatment while in U.S. custody? There's no debate here. No discussion. Period.

And if you don't get that, you're nothing short of a traitor to the very principles of an enlightened democracy.

I just don't know any other way to say it. How much proof will it take for our Congress and all our citizenry to finally acknowledge that Captain Queeg is at the helm? With this latest abandonment of our moral core, Bush has moved beyond inept, beyond uninformed, beyond deceitful, beyond dangerous, all the way to treasonous.

That's right. Treasonous.

My jaw drops to the floor every time I hear a defense of the President's proposals by his steadfast apologists, read an "explanation" of the "necessity" to resort to the same level of behavior as the repressive regimes from which we've historically distanced ourselves, or witness those who crucified Bill Clinton for his "parsing" and "technicalities" bend and twist and defile and fabricate to excuse a level of barbarity not even considered by the 20th Century leaders of this nation who fought a two-front war against a genuine Axis of Evil.

And so I'm tongue-tied, compositionally paralyzed, rendered incoherent by an instinctive and virulent disgust at what George and his pals would have America represent in the eyes of the world. The U.S. cannot bear two additional years of Bush's domestic and global insanity - and this issue should motivate every American to work for an early end to his shameful reign.

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