August 20, 2006


Once again I find that I've been shamefully neglecting this site due to a wicked - but satisfying - video project. And now, I'm about to embark on a two-week family road trip (did someone mention the Griswolds?!) which will force me to extend that neglect beyond all reasonable expectation of reader patience.

But while I'm away, I hope that all who stumble upon The Hue and Cry will use the resources available here to get better informed, and to reflect on the horrors that six years of one-party rule have showered on our once-great nation. There has never been a greater necessity for the citizens of America to reject the hype and spin and disinformation that spews forth daily from the Bush Administration and its dangerous disciples, and to instead seek out the truth, the facts, the evidence which sits in plain sight of the desperate need for change in Washington this November.

So free your minds. Use the links here to read and learn and get involved. Check out my favorite bloggers, among whom are some of the most insightful writers in the country. Take the time to peruse views from other nations and cultures. Hell, do a little writing of your own - to Senators, Representatives, even the Idiot in Chief himself.

It's up to us, kids. Up to us to demand accountability from the elected officials who've put us in this terrible mess. Up to us to protect and defend our Constitution from the despots who've tried to abuse and defile it. Up to us to tear our attention away from Jon Benet for five minutes, and remember that there are a handful of other topics that might be of some importance to the peaceful survival of the world.

I trust I'll return brimming with energy and ideas, once the batteries have been recharged. See you in two weeks...

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