May 21, 2006

Wasting time

A sign of hope amidst the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions in America, otherwise known as the Sunday morning talk shows? Had to be Bob Schieffer of Face The Nation, lambasting a Congress suddenly concerned with a broad array of "issues" that are nothing more than divisive, election-year posturing. Excerpts:
...why would the Senate spend hours debating whether to make English our national language?

Let me break it to you gently: because it gives Senators something to do while they avoid addressing the real problems - the war, health care, the ballooning deficit and immigration, for that matter.

Working on real problems that have to do with national security and the country's fiscal well-being take determination, political courage and the ability to compromise - all of which have become the missing ingredients of modern politics...

...while they're at it, maybe senators could declare the U.S. Capitol to be the national monument to wasting time and avoiding responsibility.
Now that's not a bad idea.

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